Korca's new market is an environment with the highest trading standards it the city, but it remains empty despite several months having passed since it opened its doors.

Many of the fruit traders refuse to transfer to the new market, complaining that the rent and other costs associated with the market are unaffordable for them.

Traders say they have addressed their concerns to Mayor Sotiraq Filo, but have not received any response.

They warn that if no solution is provided, they will conduct a strike.

“The municipality should consult with us over the design and costs, but instead they just come and take us there, without explaining anything to us. We will go on strike,” said one trader.

The new market has capacity for 120 traders, with the municipality of Korça aiming to turn the city into a gastronomic destination.

But traders, on the other hand, complain that they are constantly being forced to move from place to place, which, according to them, damages their profitability.

/Ora News.tv/