Chemicals in Albania will be restricted!

Their use or import is expected to be limited by law, appropriated in standard with European Union law.

Minister of Tourism and Environment, Blendi Klosi, during a meeting with a Swedish chemical agency, said that a special office for chemical management will be set up at the premises of the ministry.

“There is a need for some steps, for investigations and implementations of Albanian legislation in line with that of the European Union.

“We need an agenda of how we will implement it. We need to record everything and make it transparent,” said Minister Klosi.

“A risk management system will be established and we are working with field experts, thanks to EU assistance and the Swedish government. We need to record everything and make it transparent.

Minister Klosi added that chemicals are a major problem, and such issues require time and money.

“Dealing with environmental issues has proven most difficult, with the most intricate discussions pertaining to Albania's involvement in standardizing local laws with that of Europe,” explained Klosi.

The Minister explained that the need for new laws has arisen as, in Albania, there is a very poor environmental management system, far removed from that which is applied in Europe.