Klement Balili, notoriously wanted by many states in the international community for drug trafficking and nicknamed by the Greek media as the “Balkan’s Escobar”, has been arrested.

“As of today, Albanian justice has succeeded in finding one of the most wanted people in the country and it does not stop here.” stated Interior Minister, Sandër Lleshi, in a press conference at the Interior Ministry.

Klement Balili is now being held in custody along with his two lawyers, Baftjar Rusi and Theodhori Sollaku.

The information surrounding his arrest was published by Former Prime Minister, Sali Berisha, on Facebook. According to a comment left on his page by a citizen on the social media platform, Balili has now been sent to the Serious Crimes Prosecution.

Since May 2016, Klement Balili has been declared wanted by a decision in the Athen's Court, which had imposed upon him a "prison arrest" security measure.

Balili managed to escape his shackles among strong suspicions that operations were being carried out by accomplices and collaborating with the trafficker. 

Balili is also wanted by the US Drug Enforcement Administration but so far there is no official information pertaining to this fact.

Balili’s lawyer, Theodhori Sollaku, explained why he decided to surrender himself today, more than two years after the initial Police investigation.

Klement Balili's lawyer, Sollaku, claims that a letter from Greece has arrived concerning his client, which is the reason for his surrender now as opposed to two years ago when the arrest warrant was signed.

“In the moment when the arrest warrant was released, there was no concrete evidence against him but rather a desire for his arrest.

“Meanwhile, two years ago, the Prosecution requested evidence from Greek authorities because the file had no evidence even though it showed an arrest warrant.

“Now that we have received a written letter containing the facts, the procedural acts for investigation are towards completion; therefore Klement Balili decided to surrender.

Even Sollaku gave another argument about Balili's failure to surrender two years ago.

He stated: “What would he do in these two years? The state would pay for food, sleeping, providing guards to keep in prison. The costs of holding a prisoner is about 50 euros per day, however, the importance of this is secondary.

According to Balili's lawyer, his client has never avoided the Justice system.

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