Infrastructure and Energy Minister Damian Gjiknuri and Environment and Tourism Minister Blendi Klosi have brought the accountability tour to Saranda, Delvina, Konispol and Finiq.

Under the title "Work for the Albania We Want", they discussed investment projects with the citizens.

"Saranda has tourist potential and we invest where it is the best for the Albanian economy. I have communicated with the cruise companies to make an additional project to extend the quay.

"I have asked the Port Authority to do the feasibility study which we will also send to the European Union for funding.

"The study should look at the extension of the quay, in order for cruise ships not to have to stick out into the sea, but to be able anchor properly.

"There must be a bigger number and there is the possibility that, from April to October, to have at least one cruise ship in Saranda every day," said Damian Gjiknuri.

Even in these meetings, Minister Klosi emphasized the action for environmental clean-up and the abolition of abusers.

"The entire state structure is set in motion to resolve this issue. We would like, together with the municipality, to also have the noise controlled.

"Music should be confined to a certain time and the municipality has defined areas where it is allowed and where not. We would like to have safety on the beaches and a clear division as to where sea vehicles will be allowed to travel," said Blendi Klosi.

In Delvina, Gjiknuri promised that two public works will begin within the year both of which are very important for the community. The two projects are for the Kardhiq-Delvina road and the water supply of the city