Justice Minister Etilda Gjonaj said there is no turning back from justice reform. 

In a press conference, she commented on not giving the vote for the changes in the magistrates' law by the opposition, calling it a desperate and hopeless attempt to reverse justice reform. 

"Since the opposition desperately seeks revision, namely the destruction of this legally considered revolutionary law in the justice system, is increasingly clear. 

"But backwards we cannot travel. Continued blackmail, day-to-day threats, imaginative congestion as an opportunity to impose backwardness has no way to function. 

"The absurd protections of those who are rightly struck by vetting and absurd attacks on those who do not pass the verdict are seriously self-discriminatory acts of a lawsuit that has been lost in continuity with the election by the Albanian people. 

"Vetting cannot be captured by anyone, cannot be used by anyone and cannot be stopped by anyone. Vetting is defended by internationals. Statements about Albania left without a Constitutional Court and without a Supreme Court do not lead us anywhere. 

"Albania has not been left without a court; rather we have been rescued from the consequences of corruption of these courts. Today's gaps are temporary and understandable," said Etilda Gjonaj.

/Ora News.tv/