Prime Minister Edi Rama, at the meeting of the SP National Assembly tomorrow, will ask for greater accountability from the political leaders and new mayors resulting from June 30.

The Socialist Party, in local elections, managed to win 60 municipalities, but again, within the Socialists, there was also dissatisfaction due to the low voter-participation rates.

The Socialist Leader, after June 30, decided to entrust the electoral districts to himself, Gramoz Ruçi and Taulant Balla.

In the autumn, the Socialists will go to the elections to vote for new leaders of the Party's structures, where Edi Rama will seek another mandate from the Socialists.

Also, during the assembly, the criteria for the election of Congress delegates is expected to be approved, along with the heads of district branches, heads of Socialist Councils of Administrative Units and heads of Socialist Organizations.

Also, Edi Rama will request answerability from cabinet ministers as to whether they have fulfilled their duties as set by the Council of Ministers.

We remind that, at the last meeting of the Assembly, the Prime Minister gave a deadline to Ministers Klosi and Manastirliu to fulfill their duties by July, otherwise their ministries would face changes.

It is not yet known whether Rama has decided on any new names for his cabinet, though he denied any planned amendments just a few days ago.