The Independent Qualification Commission has reconfirmed judge of Tirana's District Court, Regleta Panajoti, for duty. Panajoti is the first candidate for the composition of the Constitutional Court to have passed the Vetting.

However, the Independent Qualification Commission has also decided to dismiss from duty one judge and one prosecutor from the Serious Crimes.

In the proclamation of their decisions, the Independent Qualification Commission declared the dismissal of Judge Luan Hasneziri, a candidate for Special Anticorruption Prosecution. His dismissal was due to concerns over his wealth declarations.

Based on the verifications carried out on wealth and purity criteria, the Independent Qualification Commission also declared the dismissal of the Serious Crimes Prosecutor, Eugen Beci, who was another candidate for the Special Anticorruption Prosecution.

Due to delays in the establishment of new justice institutions, candidates for the Constitutional Court, the Special Anti-Corruption Court and the Special Anticorruption Prosecution are only just now passing through the Vetting process.