Failure to pay salaries on time remains one of the biggest problems facing Albanian journalists.

This concern was raised by the Union of Journalists, who published a report for the first quarter of this year on the circumstances of journalists.

“The worst situation is what is called the new technology media. Online portals or TV stations that have risen during the media revolution are violating the path of traditional abuse.

“Journalists and other employees are paid once every three months and I responsibly report that different online medias, due to the chaos that prevails, have employees waiting up to 6 months or more for their payment,” said Aleksandër Çipa.

It's this exact situation that makes journalists even more insecure to raise their self-censorship. The head of the Union of Journalists said there was a deteriorating climate between political and media power.

“The climate between political, executive, and media power is getting worse. It is a result of increased frustration,” explained Çipa.

Aleksandër Çipa says the number of journalists emigrating for better working conditions has increased, although there is no accurate data available to report figures.