Three days after the April 13th protest, the court ordered 3 protesters to be held in prison and two others to be placed on house arrest.

The police arrested a total of 37 citizens over the April 13 opposition protest because of incidents that were recorded during the rally, where, among other incidents, a vehicle was set alight.

Edmond Bushi, Daniel Gjata and Armando Gjecaj now await trial from a prison cell, while for Gëzim Almeta and Shemsi Koloshi their homes have become their prison.

The remainder of the arrested have since been releases facing a ‘submission of obligation’ for their pending trials.

Outside the court, the Democratic Party secretary-general, Gazment Bardhi, referred to those imprisoned as 'political prisoners'.

Speaking after the court handed down the decision, he guaranteed the government that the more protesters they put in prison, the more that will gather for the opposition protests.

“Be sure that if this violence against protesters continues, the citizens will retaliate with violence of their own,” called Bardhi.

The arrestees of the April 13 protest were accused of “Duty-based Abuse”, “Opposing a Police Officer”, “Dismissal of Public Serenity”, “Destruction of Property with fire”, and “Violation of rules on explosive substances”.

23 other people were prosecuted for their actions during the protest which injured police officers, some citizens and even some media representatives.