General Miomir Stojanovic, former Director of the Serbian Security Military Agency has stated to the Serbian media that they are sure the murder of Serbian politician in north Mitrovica, Oliver Ivanovic, was not a racially motivated attack by Albanians.

"My assessment is that, the Albanian factor does not stand behind this murder, because if they had wanted to do such a thing, they could have killed him anytime.

"My opinion is that this is a politically motivated murder by party of a criminal gang society present in northern Kosovo" said Miomir Stojanovic.

Serbian General Miomir Stojanovic explained the politically motivated murder saying that, according to him, this happened exactly at the time when the talks on Kosovo in Brussels were set to resume.

Stojanovic further adds that the Serbian leader of the Civic Initiative operating in North Mitrovica, Oliver Ivanoviç was always extremely well respectable among the Serbian community in Kosovo.

Although the police and investigators in Kosovo are working with great intensity to uncover the details of the incident, there are still no suspects in the murder of Oliver Ivanovic.

Meanwhile, it has not yet been announced whether the cameras seized by police at the Ivanovic's  party headquarters have captured the moment of the assassination or not.

According to autopsy results, Ivanovic was killed as a result of six bullets becoming lodged in his chet, with at least dealing a fatal blow against the life of the Serbian politician.