In just a short time since its refurbishment, the Artificial Lake Park has turned into one of the most popular destinations for Tirana's citizens, not just to spend their free time, but also to conduct various sporting activities. 

The Municipality of Tirana, with the support of the Albanian Red Cross, completed the renovations to the lakes dock, dedicating their work to Henry Dunant, the founder of the organization and the first winner of the Nobel Prize.

At the ceremony for the completion of the work, Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj said that thanks to the work done these past two and a half years, the Lake Park has become an environment accessible to all citizens.

"This lake was on the black list until two and a half years ago, as one of the most polluted areas, not only of Tirana and Albania, but of the entire Balkans, a huge pit where sewage and waste were thrown. 

"We just got the white flag given by the "White Flag" International Organization, which has now certified the lake as clean. 

"Soon we will start offering water games as well and restore the old tradition of swimming in the lake like we once did when the lake was not polluted and was not seen as anyone's property, but as our common property to take pride in and keep beautiful and clean," explained Erion Veliaj.

The existing dock underwent total reconstruction and was equipped with lighting for the evening hours.

"If we work throughout the rest of Tirana as have here, then the best days are still ahead," said Erion Veliaj.

After the Lake of Tirana, The municipality has also begun work on the recovery of the Lake of Farka, which will turn into a second park for all residents of the capital, who can spend relaxing moments in nature.