This coming week will be a decisive one for the situation involving former Interior Minister, Saimir Tahiri.

Tahiri is being investigated in a free state as the former Interior Minister is accused of collaborating with the Habilaj group for narcotics trafficking and dereliction of duty.

Sources from Ora News suggest that Prosecutors will gather to discuss the fate of his file, as the latest investigative term ends on January 17th.

Investigations against the former Minister began in October of last year, while the Prosecution of Serious Crimes has extended deadlines for investigations, as it could not provide all the evidence implicating Tahiri in the drug trafficking scheme with Habilaj.

Meanwhile, a week ago, the group of Prosecutors decided to send the file to trial for 9 defendants, including Habilaj on account of four accusations.

Currently, three former police directors and a former Interior Minister are accused of contributing to international narcotics trafficking and have remained under investigation.

On May 12th, the First Instance Court sentenced Tahiri to House Arrest, a decision that was abolished by the Court of Appeals two weeks later. The same situation occurred with the blocking of his passport in December of last year.

The prosecution also accuses the former Minister of corruption, as he has received gifts from Habilaj due to the assistance he previously provided.

Despite the allegations, the former Minister has always denied them. While, just a few months ago, the Catanja Prosecution decided to end their investigation because they found no evidence of Tahiri's involvement in drug trafficking.