The jewelery store which became the scene of an explosion yesterday in the Block has been inspected, with investigators finding two gas cylinders. One was filled with propane, while the other was filled with cryogenic gas.

Investigators from the fire fighting service determines that the valve on the cylinder filled with cryogenic gas had been left open, allowing gas to flow into the tube between the barrel and the device used for the smelting of gold.

It has been concludes that this has caused the explosion to occur.

Investigators have continued today to uncover all the details of the event, with even experts present to assess the damage caused to the jewelery stocked by the store.

Five people were injured by the powerful explosion, among which were the 2 owners of the store, Sokol and Alma Pirra.

It has been learned that the female spouse was in the basement where and when the explosion occurred, whilst her husband was upstairs in the shop premises.

Sources inform that the couple are improving from their previously reported serious condition.

The explosion was extremely powerful, completely destroying both the jewelery store and a neighbouring shop. Furthermore, a number of vehicles parked nearby have also been damaged by flying debris as a result of the explosion.

Sokol Pirra was educated in law and is also one of the founders of the Albanian Jewish Community in Albania.