The High Council of The Prosecution continued with their fourth day of conducting interviews with candidates for the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecution, or SPAK.

First off the rank today was the Serious Crimes Prosecutor Ened Nakuçi, who submitted the files he has investigated, among which were both the Klement Balili file and the case known as the 'Revenge of Justice'.

During the interview, he was asked about any ongoing threats from criminal groups he investigated, to which he responded that, whilst he had certainly received some, he remained undeterred in bringing them to justice.

The following interview was with prosecutor Enkeleda Millonai and then Enkeleda Xhengo.

They were both asked about pressure they received and how they thought they could contribute more as a part of SPAK.

The final interview was conducted with prosecutor Klodian Braho, who investigated senior state officials who were successfully sentenced in final decisions.

“I did not receive any death threats, but I certainly was pressured by the people I have investigated, especially about filing cases with the court,” the prosecutor said.

Klodian Braho is currently investigating former chief prosecutor Adriatik Llalla, while previously he has investigated the former mayor of Vlora, Shpëtim Gjika, who was accused of falsification of documents and illegal construction.

The HCP’s interview process is scheduled to be finalized tomorrow after interviews are conducted with Dritan Prençi, Ndini Tavani, Maksim Sota and Vladimir Mara.

In the middle of next week, the High Council of the Prosecution is expected to complete the scoring and rank the candidates.