Norway and Slovakia have urged the government and the opposition to sit, dialogue and find a solution to the domestic political crisis.

The Norwegian Ambassador to Albania stated that while protests are an oppositional right, democracy determines that the front line of the political battle should be held in Parliament.

He added he was disappointed by the opposition’s decision to withdraw from their mandates. He hopes that the opposition and the majority can sit down for discussions aimed at resolving this situation.

According to him, it is difficult for Parliament to function appropriately without the presence of opposition, stating:

“The majority may have the votes, but a Parliament without the opposition is not democratic.”

The Norwegian Ambassador warned that if no solution is reached, such local political tension will be viewed negatively during talks on the impact of opening EU integration negotiations, which is expected to occur this coming June.

The Ambassador for Slovakia has also called for the opposition to return to the discussion table.

“The opposition should hold the political battle in the Assembly. Slovakia supports Albanian on the European path,” the Slovakian Ambassador stated.

24 hours after the opposition withdrew from their mandates, the Assembly referred 56 mandates held by DP and SMI members back to the Central Election Commission.

Regulation provides provisions for the return of the mandates from the Assembly to the Central Election Commission. However, no processes or procedures to be undertaken to fill the vacancies are expressed, resulting in a difficult task ahead for the CEC.