Failure to manage waste is one of the biggest environmental issues for Albania.

Speaking on International Earth Day, environmentalists seek more attention to those who they call out for “injustice” towards the Albanian land.

According to environmentalist Sazan Guri, Albania has excellent environmental protection laws, but appropriate implementation is lacking.

President Ilir Meta has issued a message for International Earth Day via Facebook, stating that land protection should not be treated as propaganda.

He adds that the green crowns that should be the lungs of Albanians, unfortunately, have been damaged by endless construction.

The United States Embassy in Albania has also noted their involvement for the maintenance of the planet, launching, among other things, the “Earth Challenge” event, to be held in 2020 for the 50th anniversary of this day.

“Today is Earth Day and the best way to help on this day is to get involved!

“There is a rising concern about the health of our planet, especially the extent of plastic pollution.

“Earth Challenge 2020 will generate open data for research to measure the health of our planet - and we need your help,” reads the announcement published by the U.S. Embassy.