After a reprieve of stormy weather that battered the country earlier this week, engineers have finally made it down to the field to assess the damages to private housing and state institutions.

After a close of inspections of the premises of the Faculty of Economics in Tirana, The Inspection Team says that the conditions of the building are not dangerous and teaching can begin without any problems.

The head of the construction institution says that the inspections that were carried out in Tirana, Elbasan, and Vora have shown that 90% of the dwellings have no structural problems and do not pose any risk to residents.

Despite this, many still have concerns over the complaints about minor damages.

Regarding compensation for damages, the Minister of Finance, during an inspection of businesses in Durrës, promised to increase the funds for the reimbursement of damages.

“The state budget has the funds to support these claims with reimbursement.

“The damage assessment should happen this week and we will then be able to immediately open the funds, which will have additional funding. I guarantee that this whole process will be covered 100%,” said Minister Denaj.

The Minister guaranteed that the damage caused by the earthquake would be covered by the state budget, which has the necessary funds.