Durrës Prosecution will launch an investigation into the damage to buildings from the November 26 earthquake.

Sources indicate that every case construction will be investigated in relation to the construction permits, fieldwork and consultations conducted by licensed municipal and private engineers.

Investigations aim to verify the quality of the work starting from the thickness of the columns and walls to the implementation of the initial construction plans.

It was furthermore noted that Albania suffers from te phenomenon of extensions being made illegally.

Well-known local experts have raised the concern that on-site construction has been carried out in dangered areas, such as marshes and seashores, where earthquakes have a more significant effect.

At a recent government meeting, the head of government warned that penalties would be increased for all engineers or designers who fail to comply with the laws on construction.

Seismologists and engineers point out that the Anti-Seismic Code and seismic distribution maps in place have been adopted since the communist era reflections have presented no need for recent changes.

According to Albanian Law in order to construct a building of over 8 floors, seismological studies are required beforehand. Tirana and Durrës are two known seismic districts that can predictably suffer earthquakes up to a magnitude of 6.9 on the Richter scale.

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