An increasing number of emigrants as well as foreign tourists are making their way to the port of Vlora.

9,500 people have arrived by ferry in Vlorë in just the first 10 days of August.

In an effort to avoid long queues at the port, 10 custom counters have been opened -- ahead of expectations for increased migrant arrivals.

In comparison to a year ago, the number of emigrants coming to Albania is higher.

Port authorities have confirmed that during the month of July, the flow of emigrants has increased by about 10% since a year ago.

Citizens complain that they have been forced to wait in Brindisi, while in the port of Vlora they have not experienced any queues.

In just the last two days, the influx into the port has increased, while this morning there were around 800 people arriving by ferry on the Vlorë-Brindizi transit line.