Sokol Sadushi has agreed with the approval of increasing the threshold to 75 candidates for the Magistrate School requested by the European Ambassador, Luigi Soreca, but stressed that it would be impossible to accept so many Magistrates as they compete among one-another.

Sadushi stated: “Those seeking to become a magistrate will have to pass the threshold to obtain the position; however, given the high number of candidates, not everyone will be able to compete.

“Also according to a study we have made as a school, about 25% of students pass the test but it depends on their generation and at what moment. 

Sadushi made these statements during a meeting with future “testing competitors” that will be conducted by the Magistrates' School in April, in the framework of the awareness campaign undertaken jointly with Euralius. 

He also touched upon the importance of the Magistrate position saying it is a great responsibility for those who will come out on top.