Expectations for Albania's economic growth from the International Monetary Fund have been reduced.

The latest report by the institution predicts that the level of economic growth will be only 3% while in April the forecast for this year was 3.7%.

The International Monetary Fund is the second international financial institution to lower its outlook for the Albanian economy.

Just a few days ago, the World Bank estimated that the Albanian economy will not grow by more than 2.9%.

As such it appears that the International Monetary Fund is more optimistic than the World Bank.

The lack of rainfall has directly affected the production of electricity and is considered one of the main causes of the decrease in the expected economic growth in Albania.

Another reason for the slowdown of economic engines is the conclusion of large investments that contribute, such as the TAP pipeline.

According to INSTAT, the economic growth in the second quarter was only 2.31% while as of 6 months it is estimated to be 2.36% or half of last year, which was the highest growth rate of the last decade with 4.06%.

Pёrktheu: Paola Pupla

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