Elected Albanian leaders are guilty of trafficking girls, therefore they should be arrested and punished.

This strong statement was made by the US ambassador to Tirana, Donald Lu, who participated in the regional conference against human trafficking.

"I feel disgusted by some of the leaders, voted in to serve this country, I guess from other countries in the region too, who have sold innocent girls into slavery.

"They must be arrested and punished with all the power of the law," said Donald Lu.

Lu congratulated Albania in that, according to him, the country has shown regional leadership, including hosting a conference for 10 anti-trafficking coordinators 2 years ago, to discuss the prevention of child trafficking.

At the conclusion, the ambassador did not answer questions from the media.

Meanwhile, Deputy Interior Minister, Rovena Voda cited the Albanian government's commitment to combat this phenomenon.

"The fight against human trafficking is a priority of the government," confirmed Rovena Voda.

Participants in the meeting, including Albanians, Macedonians, Montenegrins and more, exchanged their experiences in the fight against human trafficking, while the US ambassador called on the governments of the region, especially Albania, to provide funds for sheltering trafficked women and children.

/Ora News.tv/