The state police, in cooperation with the Elbasan Police directorate and the capital directorate, have now arrested 4 people.

Police have not released details about the roles of each of those arrested.

An automotive repairs and servicing centre, located in the city of Elbasan, is suspected of modifying a vehicle by adding the inscription “Tax Investigation” and that this particular vehicle was later used in the most recent robbery at Tirana’s Rinas Airport.

The car service is located on a secondary road that connects to the Elbasan center, though the modifications to the vehicles are carried out in an environment visible from the street, where the passing-by of citizens is common.

At the weekend, police inspected the premises of the business, seizing all available evidence that they hope will shed light on the event.

The owner of the premises told RTV Ora that he had rented it two years ago and had no connections with those suspected of conducting the modifications to the van.

Near the auto service is the dwelling suspected of being the group's base, where the investigators found electronic equipment and other evidence.

The business and the dwelling were also monitored with security cameras, which have now been collected by investigators and will be used to assist in determining the details of the event.

It is not yet known the details of the charges laid against the arrested individuals, in particular, who among them has been accused of “murdering a police officer”, an act committed during the grave event.