Tirana residents are facing the frigid temperatures in different ways: from electricity to gas, to wood and blankets. Traders say sales have fallen this winter, while citizens say heat is expensive.

During these frigid days of early January, the main concern for Albanian families continues to be heating their households.

In a country where infrastructure is lacking, citizens must choose alternative methods for heating.

Wood stove dealers say that this year sales have fallen compared to previous year, while pointing out that citizens increasingly prefer this heating method.

“Compared to other years, the purchasing power of buyers has decreased. Their purchases are more for wood stoves. 

90% of citizens say that electricity has become prohibitively expensive and they cannot afford it, but wood still remains much too expensive,” exclaimed the traders.

Many citizens are not able to heat their homes and their only salvation is blankets.

Despite the different ways citizens choose to withstand the cold temperatures in their homes, the common theme among residents remains the dissatisfaction with heating costs.

/Ora News.tv/