Former Interior Minister, Saimir Tahiri, present today during the hearing accompanied by his lawyer, Maks Haxhia, against a decision to extend his investigation deadlines.

Three prosecutors, Vladimir Mara, Dritan Prençi and Arenc Çela were also present in the Courtroom in front of the former Interior Minister, and requested that the session be held within closed doors.

Tahiri declared after the session that he will continue to wait until the end, even though, according to him, everything has overtaken the investigations.

Tahiri declared his dissatisfaction with the processes’ time limit, stating that such an unexplained situation cannot continue any longer and that justice delayed is justice denied.

According to Tahiri, if such a situation could happen to him as a former Minister, one cannot imagine the things that can happen to thousands of ordinary citizens.

When asked if there is an investigative secret, Tahiri responded by stating: "There was no secret, believe me; you have so many messages on your phones from prosecutors that there are no more secrets in this institution.

"I certainly have those messages and I can make them public, but it doesn’t’ matter.

"The hearing was postponed because the court sought documents that prosecutors did not have and left the session for Monday of next week.

"They prolonged the trial because I'm afraid they don’t know how to close this case.

The prosecution demanded that the hearing be held within closed doors because of the secrets in Tahiri's file, however, Tahiri himself objected, stating: "There is no secret; I don't understand why the hearing should be within closed doors."

The court decided to accept the Prosecution's request after hearing both parties and on January 17th, the prosecution postponed the investigative deadlines, according to them for the last time, for the timetable expiring on the 17th of April. At that time, the prosecution then decides whether or not to bring the case to court or require further investigative extensions.