The High Council of the Prosecution has reacted to the assassination attempt on prosecutor Arjan Ndoj, 5 day after the incident occurred in Shkozet of Durrës.

Through a statement to the media, attention was drawn to the evidence that suggests Ndoj engaged in providing legal services via a private legal practice.

If this fact would result true, would constitute a disciplinary violation provided for in Article 103 (a) and (ç) of Law 96/2016 “On the Status of Judges and Prosecutors in the Republic of Albania”.

According to the High Council of Prosecution, the laws obligate the General Prosecutor with the task to investigate all the allegations of disciplinary violations among prosecutors until the High Inspectorate of Justice is established.

Therefore, Arta Marku is required to launch a disciplinary investigation against prosecutor Arjan Ndoj.

On the other hand, the Democratic Party, through a statement given by Gent Strazimiri, states that the assassination attempt is a war between gangs. But the Democratic Party headquarters calls attention to Redjan Rraja’s involvement in this attack.

“The mafia assassination attempt a few days ago against a prosecutor and those who accompanied him is not just a crime in the statistics of Albanian crime. The assassination attempt is a war between the gangs that brought and kept Edi Rama in power.

“The involvement of Edi Rama's bandits in mafia attacks after he publicly defended them proves that the state set up by Edi Rama is deeply criminalized.

“In Edi Rama's narco-state, drug traffickers become esteemed businessmen, seaside resorts are built on state property, and bargains are made that allow for the looting of the country’s assets. The gangs that brought Edi Rama to power hit out at each other in mafia shootings,” said Strazimiri.

According to Strazimiri, no special propagandist plan by Edi Rama on the fight against organized crime will function, because, Edi Rama himself is the head of the criminal organization “Catch What They Want to Catch”.

In the car of prosecutor Arjan Ndoj where filmed also the moments when prosecutors were pulling out the files after the assassination attempt.

Prosecutor Arjan Ndoj spoke from the hospital to our journalist about the assassination and details that were released after the investigation. He denies reports that investigative files have been found in the car and says it would have caused him to be arrested if it were true.