There is no time to delay the start of procedures to once again reopen the murder case for the former DP MP Azem Hajdari, described as the trial of the century. 

The lawyer of Izet Haxhia, one of the accused as a collaborator in the murder, extradited just last night from Turkey, stated after the meeting he had with his client in"302" prison that, Haxhia has been tried in absentia and they will submit a request for reopening of the case at the Tirana Court very soon.

The lawyer, Fran Dashi, did not give any clarification as to whether Haxhia would present new evidence that would enable the reopening of the case or would support the claim only at the procedural stage of the trial in absentia.

"We are studying the first acts. Our claim is to reopen the file from the beginning because my client was tried in absentia," said Fran Dashi.

Izet Haxhia, the former bodyguard of former Prime Minister Sali Berisha was extradited from Turkey last night and is now being held at the premises of the "302" prison. 

He is one of the individuals convicted for the assassination of Azem Hajdari, but he never accepted his participation in the murder. 

His two brothers Ismet and Isamedin Haxhia were also convicted by the court alongside Izet, though they were then released after having completed their sentences.