The spokesman for the European politics of CDU & CSU parliamentary groups in the Bundestag, Florian Hahn, reacted today to the political crisis in Albania following the renunciation of mandates by the opposition.

He stated: “Usually, there is a successor for each MP who chooses to relinquish his or her mandate. The vacancies must be filled.” 

In a media statement, Hahn stressed that the boycott of parliament by the opposition means a huge step backwards for Albania. Stating:

“I have advised them not to boycott Parliament and to not abandon this path in order to establish a normal co-operation with one another or even against one another.

“I agree with citizens who protest peacefully, but it is wrong to boycott the place in which political debates should be held in a democracy: in parliament. What would the parties learn if snap elections were to be held? They would learn that by boycotting the system and by relinquishing their mandates, new elections could be held at anytime.

“Therefore, the question arises: Does Albania wants to be a stable and democratic country? Boycotting is not the solution for Albania in its path towards the European Union.”

Hahn recalled that the same thing was happening at the time when the Democratic Party held power and the Socialists were the ones boycotting parliament.

When asked about Albania's progress and the implementation of reforms, Hahn says that in many aspects no progress has been made.