As we near the last days of the registration period for parties participating in the local elections, the Ambassadors have increased their pressure for political dialogue in Albania.

Italy’s Ambassador in Albania, Alberto Cutillo, in a statement for the journalists said the withdrawal of mandates by the opposition has surprised the Albanian diplomats.

He addressed a call for more tolerance to the majority.

“The first question is about the opposition’s decision to abandon the parliament. This decision is unprecedented and it’s creating this whole situation.

“My message for politicians is a double message. Everyone has the right to protest, but it is important that these protests be peaceful without causing damage to persons or institutions.

“The second message is a message that belongs to the political forces, but a little more to the majority. They should take a step back and focus on the political dialogue between them.

“It is up to the majority to advance forward with all reforms.

“The endless prolongation of these political uncertainties is not in the interest of the country and it is not in the interest of the government either,” said Cutillo.

The Italian diplomat expressed concern that, given the political crisis, this situation is leading the country toward uncertainty for Italian investors.

Ambassador Cutillo did not exclude the possibility that the situation may also affect the  decision to open negotiations in June if the majority and the opposition fail to find a solution.