Former Socialist Movement for Integration MP, Petrit Vasili gave a press statement in follow up to the developments of the Berlin Summit.

Vasili said that all Albanians have clearly heard that, because of its governance, Albania's negative aspects such as crime, corruption and electoral fraud are all on the increase.

Among other things, Vasili declared that it is high time for great answers to be revealed, but the current government that communicates only through lies can never provide those answers to the Albanian people.

“All Albanians have heard with sadness the news that came from Berlin, where in comparison to the euphoria of the previous year, it was clearly heard that Albania, due to its governance, has increased in all negative phenomena for a country.

“Citizens learned that Albania is one of the main problems for Kosovo's progress towards visa liberalization.

“It's not because of them, but because of Albania. Dangerous precedents are being set that hamper them on the path to integration.

“European integration is a major priority. It is not the property of governments such as Edi Rama and his Renaissance.

“Of course, this is bitter news coming from Berlin and this blocked integration is clear. We have denounced this government previously for this.

“This is good news for the government, because a government that has another anti-European agenda certainly does not enjoy progress towards European integration.

“Indeed, they enjoy it when the news about blocking Albania's European integration is announced.

“Albania does not need praise on major issues such as Justice Reform, neither do we need applause.

“We need to address the two reform standards that have decreased people's trust in government, because, as it stands, over 60% of Albanians do not believe in it,” declared Vasili.

Meanwhile, Vasili added that their protests are occurring to move the European Integration of Albania forward.

He added that the protests are also for their brothers in Kosovo, who do not deserve to be punished, penalized and isolated because the corrupt government in Tirana hinders their European dream.