The elections held at the Academy of Sciences today did not offer any surprises, especially as there was only one candidate in the race for Academy Chair.

For the next four years, the Academy will be headed by Skënder Gjinushi.

He received the vote of confidence from 35 academics from a total of 43 voters. Gjinushi pledged that he would keep politics away from the academy and that he will reform it.

The elections at the Academy of Sciences were rejected by academic Artan Fuga and the Democratic Party, who referred to the entire process as a farce.

Artan Fuga, a critic of the draft law on reforming the Academy, did not take part in the vote. Through social networks, the academic urged President Meta not to decree the election result.

He stated that today is a black day for science and education in Albania.

“I refuse to accept the Institutional Coup d’état and the electoral crime occurring at the Albanian Academy of Sciences. I do not recognize the farcical election of May 24, 2019,” determined Fuga.

As expected, Vasil Tole was elected Vice-Chairman, Salvatore Bushati as Secretary of the Academy and Neki Frashëri as the Head of the Natural Sciences Section.

43 academics voted in today's election, 11 by post, and among them was also the writer, Ismail Kadare.