The new water supply line for the city of Durres comes at an investment amounting to 31.6m Euros.

Seemingly focused on infrastructure, the City Hall's first investment phase for the construction of the secondary sewerage network in the Beach area, at a cost of 7.7million Euros has been completed.

The second phase of work for this network is currently being performed with funding amounting to 5million Euros. In total cost of investments in the water supply and sewerage networks across Durres exceeds 50million Euros.

"It is one of the biggest investments we have made and it will provide a final solution to the issue of water and sewerage in the city of Durres, a very important city from both an economic and touristic standpoint.

"It is an investment fully guaranteed and funded by the Albanian government and from the communication I've had with the mayor, work is proceeding very well, especially over the course of last year.

"We hope to complete in time as it is one of the transformational works for all the citizens of Durres," declared Damian Gjiknuri in his speech.

Accompanied also by Mayor of Durres, Vangjush Dako, Minister Gjiknuri then spoke on the topic of reform in the drinking water sector.

He took the opportunity to once again urge family members to take advantage of the extension to the deadline for arranging legal connections without penalty. 

Families have until the 28th of February to arrange a contract with the water supplier and to have water meters installed.

If violations are found during checks after this date, financial punishments will be applied and in more serious cases, violators imprisoned.

"We need to increase the financial returns of the sector to ensure all these investments are sustainable.

"Financial growth comes from the regular payment of water, just as it happened with energy.

"It is not fair to rely on the citizens who do the right thing and pay to cover those who simply choose not to," exclaimed Minister Gjiknuri.

Gjiknuri emphasized that if everyone pays for what they use, the opportunity to make further investments increases.