The German government has not yet made a final decision as to whether or not it will recommend the opening of EU negotiations with the European Union. 

The German State Minister for Europe, Michael Roth, during a conference with Foreign Minister Ditmir Bushati, said that Germany is verifying all Albania's achievements before the decision.

"Albania can continue to rely on Germany's support. Albania's path to the EU is difficult, of course, accompanied by its own difficulties. In the past few years, a number of important achievements have been noted. 

"The federal government is verifying all these achievements and, in co-operation with the Bundestag, we will be positioned in the future for the opening of these negotiations. Arguments for the opening of negotiations are certainly not lacking. 

"The prospect of EU membership for all Western Balkan countries, and especially for Albania, is in the interest not only of Albania and the Albanians, but also in our own interest, and we must explain this to our citizens." said Michael Roth.

German minister added that he has high expectations from the Albanian government and calls for co-operation between the majority and the opposition for the good of the country.

"I expect the Albanian government to follow the reform policies consistently, and I expect the Albanian opposition to take on its responsibilities to contribute to these processes. 

"Yesterday I had the opportunity to communicate with Mr. Lulzim Basha. It was a good conversation. 

"There may be conflicts in domestic politics, it is a sign of a living democratic system, but you must always set aside the divisions in order to move forward," continued Michael Roth.

Meanwhile, the Albanian Foreign Minister Ditmir Bushati said that Albania has made progress, citing the reform in justice, while saying that the challenges for integration are numerous.

"Germany is our partner in the process of economic and social transformation. Gratitude to Michael Roth for supporting our country," said Ditmir Bushati.

Bushati said the Albanian government is confident that Germany will see clearly the achievements that have been made.