The first gastronomy festival was held in Lezha. The organization, which came as a novelty on the eve of the tourist season, gathered masters of the kitchen.

The "Lezha cooks" Gastronomy Festival was also praised by the Minister of Tourism and Environment, Blendi Klosi. He said that the project launched for funding the feasts during the tourist season will include Lezha as well.

"We can find everything in this activity. We can find all that we need for a great tourist season, therefore the project we launched to sponsor the feasts, which will be offered during the tourist season, will undoubtedly include Lezha and Shkodra, but of course other areas, wherever there will be tourists," said Blendi Klosi.

Vice Mayor of Lezha, Alfrida Marku reiterated the request for support from the Ministry for such activities.

The "Lezha cooks" Gastronomy Festival is intended to turn into an annual tradition, as a way to promote the traditional cooking of the area.