On the 1st anniversary of his separation from life, an event was held in commemoration of the well-known Albanian songwriter, Françesk Radi, with his bust placed near the Artificial Lake hills. 

In the ceremony attended by friends, relatives and lovers of his music, the Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj said that his music was a source of inspiration.

"Franko has changed many lives, has affected many individuals and has inspired many young people. 

"For many people, he has also been a cause of survival in a very difficult situation, where free word, music, opinion, free convictions have been a challenge for Albania. 

"This cost Franko the most beautiful years of life, and the task of our generation is to not forget, but to remember," said Erion Veliaj.

The songwriter's wife, Tefta Radi, said that Franko worked every day with the passion for music.

"For me, for the family, for all of Franko's fans, it is a great pleasure to leave him among the people. 

"He will be remembered as the first Albanian songwriter, as the young man who brought innovation and a more modern vibe to Albanian music. 

"For this he was sentenced to nearly three decades of imprisonment by the dictatorship. 

"They took from him the right of creativity in the field of music, but without reaching to take from him the passion for music, because, wherever he went, Franko worked with that same passion," said Tefta Radi.

The family members also planted some trees near the bust in honor of the songwriter's figure who was also known as the lake singer. 

Meanwhile, it is soon expected that the renovated Amphitheater at the Lake Park will be restored as the biggest music venue on the scene, where citizens can enjoy true art amongst nature.

/Ora News.tv/