Lezha was the next stop for the "Forum for Free Elections" organized by the 'Right Center Grouping', allies of the Democratic Party.

Fatmir Mediu, Nard Ndoka, Dashamir Shehi, Agron Duka and Vangjel Dule held a discussion about the situation in the country with the structures and sympathizers of the parties they lead.

With a unified stance, they explained their reasoning as to why the elections cannot be held on June 30 with Edi Rama as Prime Minister.

The Chair of the Republican Party, Fatmir Mediu, said elections without the opposition will spell the destruction of democracy.

Meanwhile, the chair of the Environmentalist Agrarian Party, Agron Duka, emphasized that Rama is recording his opponents in violation of law.

“He is destroying political pluralism and our political freedoms,” said Fatmir Mediu.

Shehi, Ndoka and Dule all said that the decisions of the opposition were forced by specific situations, and therefore they called for resistance.

Present at the meeting was also the Democratic Chair for Lezha, Fran Frrokaj, who guaranteed support for the opposition action.

/Ora News.tv/