Kruja Castle remains one of the main destinations for foreign tourists visiting Albania this summer season. 

Those who come for the first time speak with admiration about the natural beauties and hospitality they have found in our country.

"I am from England and I am visiting Albania for the first time. Everything looks fantastic," said one of the tourists. 

The Castle and Skanderbeg Museum encourage tourists to learn more about Albania's history.

"It is the first time I have come to Albania and to visit this castle that tells the story of the national hero of your country, well, I learned it is a real source of inspiration. Albania is a very beautiful place," said another tourist. 

While those who have known Albania earlier appreciate the changes the country has experienced. 

"We know something about your past. I can say that Albania is advancing in every direction. You expect to join the EU in the future and this will further change your country," said one tourist. 

But while foreign tourists are appearing all over Kruja, Albanian visitors are not difficult to spot either. 

2018 has been declared the nation-wide year of Skanderbeg, and the museum's leaders in Kruja expect this to bring as many as 130 thousand visitors.