Cases of food supplied with poor hygiene standards to kindergartens, hospitals and prisons have been identified across the country. 

To highlight the concern and questions surrounding food safety in the country, Agriculture Minister Niko Peleshi mentioned a flagrant case where a business registered as a haberdashery was contracted to supply meat to one these institutions.

To prevent such abuses the National Food Authority and the Public Procurement Agency signed a joint agreement aimed at exchanging information during the selection process of the subjects that have submitted a tender.

"This cooperation agreement aims precisely to put an end to those who abuse citizens by marketing unsafe food products or by operating with unsafe practices. We are strengthening the cooperation by installing a set of legal standards. 

"Only if a subject is confirmed to have met these standards can the green light can be given to participate in public procurement and public tenders for the supply of these institutions.

"I do not want to worry anyone now, but I have to say that the National Food Authority controls for this category of subjects and operators will be special," said Niko Peleshi.

Director of the Public Procurement Agency, Redia Kashta, stated that higher standards should be created to increase the safety of food supplied of these institutions.

"The purpose is to guarantee the consumers are getting the quality they expect and demand. The first step is to set the standards, to determine the right criteria in order to give us the right products. 

"For that a close cooperation with the National Food Authority is needed in order to establish basic standards that will form the basis of legislation in this field. 

"In respect of procurement legislation, the basic criteria will be established and will be obligatory for each institution wishing to submit a bid. 

"The next phase will involve verifying the contract and its implementation based on the conditions under which it has been tendered," said Redia Kashta.

Recently, large quantities of meat and dairy products contaminated with salmonella have been found in the country, posing a significant risk to the health of citizens.