In order to protect yourself from the seasonal flu, health experts recommend you be vaccinated, as this is the most effective way to protect against the virus. 

PHI data shows that over 66,000 people have been vaccinated, and in some health centers vaccination supplies have been exhausted and need to be refurbished. Vaccines are the way to prevent the flu. The country is nearing the time of the flu season, so health expertsrecommend that pregnant women, children, chronically ill people, and anyone else able to do the vaccine receives it. 

Erida Nelaj, a PHI expert, refers to the latest statistics when she says that over 66,000 people have been vaccinated across the country. Some health centers need to receive additional supplies as the actual stocks of the vaccines are depleted. Health examiners note that this year there has been a significant increase in the number of people receiving vaccinations. 

This is a possible indication that society was sensitized as to the effectiveness of vaccines following the catastrophic effects of the virus the country saw last season. 

"Some health centers will be restocked with the vaccine" said Nelaj. 

General vaccines are required by law in Albania. Hepatitis B vaccines are made at birth, while for diseases such as tuberculosis, diphtheria, tetanus, pneumococcal infections, poliomyelitis and the measles, mumps rubella vaccines, these are divided into doses with the first injections given at the age of 2 months.