All those citizens who have traveled from Mother Teresa airport during August had to wait for hours before leaving or arriving at the destination.

Delays significantly increased when compared to a year ago and ticket prices remain much more expensive when compared to other countries of the region.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority's Report for August 2018, the highest rates of delays and cancellations arise from flights to and from Tirana International Airport "Mother Teresa".

Of the official data, the company with the highest number of delays continues to be "Fly Ernest" with 10 cancellations in 31 days, with 19 delays ranging from over 3 hours to over 6 hours.

The second least punctual company is "Albawings" with 7 delays over two hours. Reasons for delays relate mainly to aspects related to the capabilities of companies and airports, both operational and technical.

Under international rules, in addition to cancellations, delays considered to be problematic for passengers are those that extend beyond more than 3 hours from the scheduled departure time.

However, all citizens who have experienced such a wait of more than three hours have compensation rights based on European regulations. 

The way for citizens to benefit from the 250 euro compensation for damage caused by companies is simply to complete the required forms.

Over the 10 months and until now, a total of 900 complaints forms for a total of 1500 people have been completed.

Thanks to the constant contact between the CAA and airline companies, the turn-around time for receipt of compensation is six weeks.

According to official data, during July, Albanians are increasingly choosing air travel as their choice of transport. 

According to the Civil Aviation Authority in Tirana, passenger air traffic increased at "Mother Teresa" International Airport by 18% during July 2018 when compared to July 2017.