Vetting in the ranks of the State Police has started with exceptions. The Chief of Complaints at the Internal Affairs and Complaints Service, Oltion Shehu, is the first official of Police who has been dismissed from duty after violations were found.

To this finding, the Internal Affairs and Complaints Service official said that from 1996-2003 he worked without insurance, in a bingo hall where he had the job of bartender and waiter.

During this time he claimed that he had a high income due to the receipt of tips, which were not documented.

Shehu claimed that he was unaware that during this period he was working without the insurance requirement being paid. However, he has the right to appeal the decision within one month.

Adriatik Ago, the Deputy Director General of the Internal Affairs and Complaints Service, also appeared before the Vetting Commission. During the hearing it was determined that he owns 3 apartments and 1 vehicle, and hold 2 bank deposits worth 3.2 million lekë, all of which are justified.

Regarding the purity of the figure, there was no evidence found to suggest contact with incriminated persons. Ago lawfully held and conducted himself in the roles of officer, lieutenant colonel, first captain, major, colonel, commissar and commander.