At least 74 people have died in Greece as a result of massive fires that have produced one of the biggest disasters in more than a decade. The authorities rang the alarm, announcing the state of emergency, calling for citizens to leave their homes.

Witnesses describe moments of horror in the village of Mati, where the most tragic situation was recorded. 

In this area, 26 people, mostly of the same family and the vast majority children, were found embracing each other in the midst of the flames without any hope of salvation.

The flames struck a tourist resort, right near the sea. 

Some families realized too late, blocked from all sides by the fire and becoming trapped, while one woman, who considered herself fortunate, luckily found a way out of the hell and could go to the sea.

"The fire spread so rapidly that we did not realize what was happening. It was the first time I have seen something like this. I do not know how we escaped. We became like a bee hive towards the sea. 

"We were all standing next to each other on the seashore," said one of the witnesses.

Other witnesses gave shocking facts as the authorities confirm that the youngest victim was a six month old baby that died of asphyxiation.

This was the biggest tragedy to hit Greece in 11 years, when massive flames included the Peloponnese Peninsula, an event that recorded dozens of victims.