Environmental Ministry inspectors will launch controls across the territory to ban the use of plastic bags by both traders and consumers.

The delegation of the European Union to Albania launched a campaign to raise awareness about plastic pollution and to encourage alternatives to single-use plastics.

Under the slogan ''Plastic leaves no space for life'', the two-month campaign will inform citizens about environmental protection through videos, infographics, movie screenings and debates.

Minister Blendi Klosi, at the presentation of the project at the Museum of Natural Sciences ''Sabiha Kasimati'', said that first a sensibilization operation will start, then the next step will be to commence punishing those who continue to abuse.

“We need to take strong measures to create, in Albania, a clean, environmentally friendly surrounding, and look at all manners of urban waste management in our country. The campaign will mark its success when the citizens themselves refuse to use plastic bags,” said Klosi.

The EU ambassador in Tirana, Luigi Soreca, emphasized in his speech that Albania should join the European environmental protection initiatives.

“Plastics have become one of the most pressing environmental and health challenges of our times.

“The European Union adopted new rules to ban single-use plastic objects from 2021 and Albanians should benefit from the same level of environmental protection.

“The EU is working with its Member States to improve the well-being, everyday life and opportunities for Albanians. Because they deserve it and because it brings the country closer to EU standards,” said Soreca.

Albania not only has problems with environmental protection. Disruptions and power outages have also been noted at this meeting, rather unavoidably considering that the lights went out during the moments when Klosi was speaking.

The same situation was repeated also for two other speakers.

Despite the heavy rainfall these days leading to an increase in hydropower flows, the Energy Ministry has failed to properly manage the situation.



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