“It is the moment for a frontal reaction, whether in the whole of the tax administration, or individually by every director and employee of this administration.

“We are facing a situation where the issuance of tax receipts is at an all time low.

“We have a difficult, but necessary, battle against informality and this is the direct responsibility of the tax administration,” declared Prime Minister Edi Rama.

Following these statements by Prime Minister Edi Rama, Finance Minister, Anila Denaj, was on the ground attending verifications and inspections.

She called for business formalization in the name of fair competition.

But in a part of businesses, mainly small ones located in the suburbs or peripheral areas of Tirana, informality continues to be present.

According to citizens, hairdressers, beauty centers, grocery stores and neighborhood coffees are the most common culprits of failing to issue the required tax receipt.

In a meeting with tax officials, the Prime Minister warned that businesses not adhering to the requirements will face punishments, up to and including the complete closure of their business.

/Ora News.tv/