Officials from the American Federal Bureau of Investigation met with the director of Albanian police, Haki Çako a day after it was announced the initiation of the national operation 'The power of law'. The meeting focused on discussions for the fight against organized crime and drug trafficking. 

The representatives of the FBI, Jack Liao and Mark Newhouse expressed that they expect positive results from the collaboration with the Albanian State Police in the fight against terrorism, drug cultivation and trafficking. The meeting confirmed the willingness of the American officials to help the Albanian police in the fight against organized crime and especially against financial crime such as illegal money transfers and assets acquired via criminal activity. 

Çako thanked the FBI officials and expressed that their experience will serve as assist Albania in the best ways to strike and to bring the structured criminal groups to justice. Later, the FBI officials met with the Director of the Department for Investigation of Organized and Serious Crimes, Idajet Faskaj. The FBI delegation will continue a series of meetings during the next days with other Albanian officials.