The Property Registration Office will keep its counters open even during the weekend.

The director of the State Agency for Property Registration in Durrës, Liridon Pula, says that this measure is to help migrants who have returned on vacation.

Priority is given to this category in terms of the procedures they have to perform, with also the ability to request a “Fast Track” service which is guaranteed to be completed within 24 hours of payment.

“Due to the arrival of emigrants returning to the homeland in July-August, on the order of the General Director, we are prioritizing the 2005-2006 self-declaration practices," said Pula.

A new process has been adapted, allowing ownership certificates to be organized online and ultimately speeding up turnaround times and reducing the risk of abuse, according to Pula.

“No more handwritten certificates for citizens. For 2 and half months every application that has been submitted has done so through computer processing.

The merger of ALUIZNI and the State Property Management Agency into the Property Registration Office has proved effective and has led to the centralization of property issues.

The services provided earlier by these institutions have already been centralized and all property problems will go through to a single administration.