The new draft law on fuel deposits, which is expected to raise the fuel price by about 20 lekë per liter, has also been opposed by the industry.

The Albanian Confindustry has requested that the draft law distributed by Minister Belinda Balluku be reviewed as they determine it unfair, adding that the government's inability should not result in additional costs to ordinary citizens and businesses.

The Confindustry Administrator says that the price of fuel in Albania is among the highest in the world and this affects the welfare of citizens, as well as the competitiveness of businesses.

According to the Confindustry, the government is abusing the non-functioning parliament by passing a very poor quality draft law.

Albanians spend 10.3% of their income on fuel alone, a level many times higher than in other European countries.

According to the Confindustry, a Regulatory Entity is required in order to stabilize this market, with their responsibilities including regulating the price and quality of fuel products circulating the market.

Secondly, they demand stamp duty on vehicles to be reduced by at least 50%, amounting to 120 million euro per year.