New details have emerged regarding the €10 million Euro heist which occurred on April 9th at Tirana's “Mother Teresa” Airport, commonly known as 'Rinas'.

On the day he was arrested, Alkond Brengasi gave a statement to the police in the presence of a legal representative.

According to sources, it has been learned that, from the testimony of Brengasi, the persons involved in the April 9 robbery are his cousins, brothers Klement and Eldi Cala, who have now been declared as 'wanted'.

He told the investigators that he had agreed to modify the van with the inscription "Tax Investigation". He also provided information about two other persons involved in the robbery, identified as “Daja” from Kosovo and another person identified as “Tani”.

“I worked at the auto service and they asked me to accompany them to Kavaja where we would get a van. At the beginning, I did not accept because I had a sick child and did not want to leave Elbasan.

“But, in the end, I agreed and went to Kavajë. When we arrived there were three people awaiting us for lunch.

“One was introduced as Admir Murataj and he was accompanied by two other individuals from Kosovo. One of them was referred to as “Daja”, the other as “Tani”.

“After lunch, we got the Chevrolet vans, which I then modified. Later, I learned that the vehicles would be used for a robbery,” said Brengasi.

Both of his cousins have been declared wanted. Albanian police have demanded the co-operation of Kosovar authorities for their capture.

Kosovo police spoke to their domestic media declaring information was being exchanged for the purpose of capturing the perpetrators.

Police and the investigation team managed to identify Alkond Brengasi because his fingerprints were found on the van which was inscribed with "Tax Investigation".