September will be a month for justice, given the expectation that the new bodies of justice will be set up and functioning.

The U.S. Embassy in Tirana published a video illustrating that, soon, Albania will have a Constitutional Court with qualified, impartial and apolitical judges.

A few days ago, the Justice Appointment Council interviewed the first 6 candidates seeking out the 4 available seats in the Constitution, and within 10 days of being evaluated and scored, the Justice Appointment Council will issue their shortlist to Parliament and the President.

The US Embassy showed how the selection and qualification of members of the Constitutional Court changes with Justice Reform.

After the assessment of the Justice Appointment Council, it will be Meta and Ruçi who will select from the listings.

However, unlike the previous system where the Head of State had to agree with the Assembly in order to appoint a member, now, with the new reform, this requirement has been removed.

According to American Diplomatic mission, politics will no longer affect the Constitutional Court selection as it will be rotated between Parliament, the President and the High Court.

The Embassy emphasizes that the President and Parliament can no longer block this Court, since under the new system, even if these two institutions do not make a selection, the top-ranked candidate from the list created by the Justice Appointment Council is automatically selected.

Justice reform, stresses the Embassy, avoids long-standing gaps in the functionability of the Constitutional Court, and does not allow any person ultimate power over the selection process.

The formation of a functional Constitutional Court is eagerly awaited by Albanian citizens, who are keen to resolve issues such as the President's dismissal, the June 30th election and the Law on the National Theater.