Deeply concerned by the decision of the public authorities to order the closure of RTV ORA, especially when the reports of world and European journalists' organizations give the alarm for the regression that takes place year after year in relation to the freedom and independence of the media in Albania.

In respect of the constitutional principles, in defense of the fundamental rights and liberties of freedom of expression and information, as well as due to the urgent nature of successive decisions taken by public bodies against RTV ORA, without first examining and objectively assessing this issue, as well as the claims of this media, it seems that these administrative measures are disproportionate.

Freedom of expression is a fundamental human right, an irreplaceable pillar of a modern democratic society, and vital to ensuring accountability by all public institutions.

Any direct or indirect way of imposing prior censorship on the means of public information or restricting freedom of expression is prohibited, unacceptable and intolerable.

The state of natural disaster cannot restrict fundamental human rights and liberties such as the right to freedom of information.

The use of the severe consequences brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, as rightly noted in the annual report of Reporters Without Borders, cannot justify the violation of the media freedom, but requires serious, responsible and immediate reflection.